The Complete List of Discworld Books in Order: A Journey Through Terry Pratchett’s Magical Universe
The Complete List of Discworld Books in Order: A Journey Through Terry Pratchett’s Magical Universe

The Complete List of Discworld Books in Order: A Journey Through Terry Pratchett’s Magical Universe

Unlock the doors to the enchanting world of Discworld with this comprehensive list of Terry Pratchett’s beloved novels, meticulously organized in reading order.

If you’re a fan of fantasy literature, then you’ve probably heard of Discworld—a vast, whimsical, and utterly unique universe created by the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett. Over the course of several decades, Pratchett penned a staggering 41 novels set in this fantastical realm, each brimming with wit, humor, and profound wisdom. Whether you’re a long-time devotee or a newcomer eager to dive into the Disc, this article will serve as your indispensable guide. So, grab your luggage, step onto the Disc, and let’s embark on an extraordinary journey through this one-of-a-kind literary landscape.

Discworld: A World Unlike Any Other

Before we delve into the list of Discworld books, it’s essential to understand what makes this fictional world so captivating. Discworld is a flat, disc-shaped world that rests on the backs of four giant elephants, who, in turn, stand on the back of the Great A’Tuin—a colossal space-faring turtle. This extraordinary setting is home to an array of fascinating characters, including inept wizards, lovable witches, and the infamous City Watch, led by the indomitable Sam Vimes.

Discworld is not just a place; it’s a reflection of our own world, where satire, satire, and social commentary are woven seamlessly into the fabric of the narrative. Terry Pratchett’s unparalleled ability to blend humor with insightful observations on humanity’s foibles has made Discworld an enduring and beloved series.

A Journey Through Discworld: The Reading Order

  1. The Colour of Magic (1983) – This novel introduces Rincewind, a bumbling wizard, and Twoflower, a naive tourist, as they embark on a series of misadventures across the Discworld.
  2. The Light Fantastic (1986) – Rincewind and Twoflower continue their absurd journey, encountering magical creatures and eccentric characters in this humorous sequel.
  3. Equal Rites (1987) – The story follows Esk, a young girl with untapped magical potential, as she seeks to become a wizard in a world dominated by male magic users.
  4. Mort (1987) – Death takes center stage as Mort, an inept apprentice, becomes Death’s assistant and grapples with the responsibilities of the job.
  5. Sourcery (1988) – Chaos ensues when a sourcerer threatens to unleash magic uncontrollably on the Discworld, and Rincewind is once again caught up in the mayhem.
  6. Wyrd Sisters (1988) – Three witches, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, and Magrat Garlick, navigate political intrigue in a kingdom with an eccentric ruler.
  7. Pyramids (1989) – Teppic, heir to the throne of Djelibeybi, becomes an assassin and faces challenges in a world where pyramids hold great power.
  8. Guards! Guards! (1989) – Captain Vimes and the Ankh-Morpork City Watch investigate a plot to bring a dragon to the city, leading to a humorous and thrilling adventure.
  9. Eric (1990) – Rincewind is summoned by a teenage demonologist, leading to a comical escapade in various dimensions.
  10. Moving Pictures (1990) – The Discworld experiences the movie industry, with magical creatures and bizarre film productions taking center stage.
  11. Reaper Man (1991) – Death is fired from his job and forced to live as a mortal while a mysterious force threatens the Discworld.
  12. Witches Abroad (1991) – The witches travel to a foreign kingdom to confront meddling with fairy tales, leading to humorous and thought-provoking situations.
  13. Small Gods (1992) – This novel explores the concept of belief as the Great God Om is incarnated as a tortoise in a world where gods’ power depends on faith.
  14. Lords and Ladies (1992) – The witches must defend their home from the intrusion of vicious Elves with the help of unconventional allies.
  15. Men at Arms (1993) – The City Watch investigates a series of murders in Ankh-Morpork, led by Captain Vimes and his team.
  16. Soul Music (1994) – The Discworld experiences a rock ‘n’ roll revolution when a magical guitar comes into play, and Death takes on a pivotal role.
  17. Interesting Times (1994) – Rincewind is sent to the Agatean Empire, where he must navigate political intrigue and rebellion.
  18. Maskerade (1995) – The witches go undercover in Ankh-Morpork’s opera house to investigate mysterious deaths, leading to a humorous parody of the Phantom of the Opera.
  19. Feet of Clay (1996) – The Watch faces a new threat when seemingly ordinary golems start committing crimes, and Captain Vimes must unravel the mystery.
  20. Hogfather (1996) – When the Discworld’s version of Santa Claus, the Hogfather, goes missing, Death steps in to ensure Hogswatchnight goes smoothly.
  21. Jingo (1997) – Diplomacy and war take center stage as Ankh-Morpork and Klatch approach the brink of conflict, and Vimes and the Watch navigate international tensions.
  22. The Last Continent (1998) – Rincewind finds himself in Discworld’s version of Australia, facing a magical crisis and humorous cultural commentary.
  23. Carpe Jugulum (1998) – The witches return to fend off a group of modern, sophisticated vampires who threaten Lancre.
  24. The Fifth Elephant (1999) – Captain Vimes represents Ankh-Morpork in Discworld’s equivalent of Eastern Europe, facing political intrigue and werewolves.
  25. The Truth (2000) – The Discworld experiences its own printing press revolution as a journalist stumbles upon a conspiracy in Ankh-Morpork.
  26. Thief of Time (2001) – Time itself becomes the focal point as Susan Sto Helit takes on the responsibility of saving the Discworld.
  27. The Last Hero (2001) – A group of aging heroes embarks on a quest to blow up the gods, with Rincewind reluctantly joining the adventure.
  28. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (2001) – Maurice and clever rat companions take center stage in a touching story exploring intelligence in rats.
  29. Night Watch (2002) – Captain Vimes is transported back in time to his rookie days in the Watch, where he must prevent a cataclysmic event while mentoring his younger self.
  30. The Wee Free Men (2003) – Tiffany Aching, a young witch-in-training, confronts a malevolent force in her homeland.
  31. Monstrous Regiment (2003) – Polly Perks disguises herself as a man to join the army and find her missing brother, encountering a ragtag group of soldiers with their own secrets.
  32. A Hat Full of Sky (2004) – Tiffany Aching continues her training as a witch, facing new challenges and adversaries.
  33. Going Postal (2004) – Moist von Lipwig revitalizes the Ankh-Morpork Post Office in a world of stamps and letters, leading to humorous intrigue.
  34. Thud! (2005) – The Watch faces a new threat as tensions between dwarves and trolls rise, and Vimes must prevent a war while uncovering the truth behind a historical conflict.
  35. Wintersmith (2006) – Tiffany Aching, now a young witch-in-training, accidentally attracts the attention of the Wintersmith, a powerful elemental force.
  36. Making Money (2007) – Moist von Lipwig returns to revitalize the Ankh-Morpork Royal Bank, facing economic humor and a rival with a penchant for golems.
  37. Unseen Academicals (2009) – The wizards of Unseen University enter the world of football (soccer), bringing chaos to the sport and exploring themes of identity.
  38. I Shall Wear Midnight (2010) – Tiffany Aching confronts a malevolent, otherworldly force threatening her homeland.
  39. Snuff (2011) – Vimes and the Watch go on a rural vacation but uncover a conspiracy involving slavery and must bring justice to the countryside.
  40. Raising Steam (2013) – The introduction of steam technology to Discworld leads to societal changes, exploration, and adventure.
  41. The Shepherd’s Crown (2015) – Posthumously published, this novel serves as the final swan song of the Discworld series, with Tiffany Aching facing a new threat.

Beyond the Novels: Additional Discworld Works

In addition to the core novels, Sir Terry Pratchett wrote several companion books and spin-offs set in the Discworld universe. These include:

  • The Discworld Companion – An encyclopedia of the Discworld, providing in-depth information about characters, locations, and various Discworld lore.
  • The Discworld Mapp – A collection of maps and guides to the various regions of Discworld.
  • Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook – A tongue-in-cheek cookbook filled with recipes inspired by the Discworld, as well as humorous anecdotes from Nanny Ogg herself.

Exploring Discworld: Where to Begin?

With 41 Discworld novels to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to start your journey. Here are a few suggestions based on your interests:

  • If you love witty humor and absurdity: Begin with the Rincewind novels, starting with “The Colour of Magic.” These early books introduce you to the zany world of Discworld and Terry Pratchett’s signature humor.
  • If you’re interested in exploring themes of gender and magic: Start with “Equal Rites,” the third Discworld novel, which delves into the role of women in wizardry.
  • If you enjoy fairy tales and folklore: Dive into the witches’ series with “Wyrd Sisters.” Pratchett’s clever subversion of classic fairy tales will leave you laughing and pondering.
  • If you prefer urban fantasy and detective stories: Begin with “Guards! Guards!” and follow the adventures of Sam Vimes and the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.
  • If you’re a fan of coming-of-age tales: Start with “The Wee Free Men,” the first Tiffany Aching novel, and follow the journey of a young witch as she discovers her powers.
  • If you’re interested in satirical takes on modern society: Pick up “Going Postal” and explore the world of Moist von Lipwig as he revitalizes the Ankh-Morpork Post Office.


Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is a literary treasure trove, offering a unique blend of fantasy, humor, and keen social commentary. With a rich array of characters and themes, Discworld is a world that continues to captivate readers of all ages. Whether you’re just starting your journey or revisiting this magical realm, there’s always something new to discover in Discworld. So, grab your favorite Discworld novel, find a comfy spot, and immerse yourself in the fantastic tales spun by the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett.

For more information and updates about Discworld and Terry Pratchett’s works, visit The Discworld Emporium, the official Discworld merchandise and bookshop. You can also explore discussions and fan theories on the Discworld Subreddit.

Happy reading, and may the magic of Discworld forever enchant your literary adventures!